Hard Hat & Decompression Course


The Diver Training College has provided courses for recreational scuba divers for over 35 years. Initially, a BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) Premier School but now is also a PADI five star and IDC centre offering courses from beginner to instructor.

An associate company CDMS Sub-Surface Engineering Ltd (A Commercial Diving Company) operates from the same commercial location which, creates a professional interface with both recreational and Commercial Diving Techniques and are therefore able to share combined skills offering a unique balance. This has proved a brilliant innovation as it gives the keen sports diver an opportunity to dive in Commercial equipment, which is a total contrast between previously gained skills in their usual recreational domain. This opportunity has also been beneficial in being able to allow those sports divers a further chance to consider a career in the Commercial Diving Industry and trying out the equipment along with simple aptitude tests in the College’s 6M deep training pool allowing the edge on making that potential important decision.

In the UK keen recreational divers are faced with “off-season” poor weather conditions such as flooding and rough seas, so preventing any diving activities throughout the winter period. The Diver Training College (DTC) has the answer in the now “World Famous Hard Hat & Decompression Chamber Courses”.

The Diver Training College is very much an all year round facility offering this unique and special type of course, all indoors, which has been successfully running since 1984. This course provides an opportunity to experience the by-gone era of diving history with participants getting the chance to use antique diving apparatus like the Siebe Gorman Standard Dress, which goes back in time some 120 years and is still in fully functional working order.

In addition, military and commercial off-shore diving equipment is also available such as the US MK. V, Aquadyne DMC7, AH2 & AH3, Divex Swindells Kirby Morgan KM17b and KM37 also a wide range of full face and band masks are available to try, including KMB10, EXO26 and AGA Divator are a few examples. Course participants are in full contact with the surface during their diving experience through a communication system built into the helmets linked to the latest modern Dive Control Panel. Tasks are available to complete whilst underwater making the dive not only interesting but also providing a challenge too. Photography is permitted so don’t forget your cameras as a very impressive photograph of you can be obtained in Commercial or Standard diving equipment.

 The Decompression Chamber element of the course is where participants are given the opportunity to dive to 50m in a controlled environment within our dive chamber. This experience is invaluable should you ever need to be treated in a chamber for decompression sickness and is a “must do” experience for all up and coming novice divers under training. This chamber dive also gives you valuable information about you personally as it shows you how the changes in depth alter your perception and how divers could get themselves into difficulty by diving too deep for too long through not enough forward thinking or preparation. As such a very comprehensive and interesting pre-dive briefing on both activities are provided which are not only interesting but some elements are fun too. Dive computers can be taken into the chamber for general interest and you can also log this as a dive in your logbook, so don’t forget them when you visit us.


Courses run principally as an off-season activity and through the winter period and are therefore programmed from the beginning of October to the end of April each year. Courses are on Sundays only so as to co-inside largely with participants free time availability. Participants are requested to arrive at the College for 08.45hrs for a prompt start of 09.00hrs on their selected course date. Courses are strictly on an advanced booking basis only and this needs to be confirmed by a duly signed and completed booking form and £50 deposit (usually completed by the nominated course organiser who will represent the group). The group organiser is strongly recommended to obtain a full list of participants and also to acquire the appropriate payments as they compile an initial list of interested parties. (Please see the DTC terms and conditions on the reverse side of the booking form as penalties can be incurred for non-attendances on the day). An information pack, date availability schedule and promotional poster can be obtained on request via our email address Email – ops@cdms-diving.co.uk

In order to maintain this low-cost super value specialist diving day, a certain number of participants are required. A minimum number of 18 persons are required to run the course and a maximum number of 24 persons is the capacity limit. If your group is smaller than the minimum demonstrated, smaller groups can be put together from different groups, dive clubs or Schools to make up the course manning levels of between 18 & 24 persons accordingly. (Please note – Any organisation which falls below the 18 person minimum level on the day through non-attendances will still be charged for the 18 minimum number requirement, therefore we suggest organisers obtain the full course fee from each participant before the course date to avoid complications). Courses commence at 09.00hrs prompt and conclude at approximately 17.00hrs.

Due to limited space, we respectfully request NO SPECTATORS. The age limit is set at a minimum of 16 years (dependant on stature and physical strength capability).   All participants need to be in good health and have an understanding of basic Diving Physics


The day generally comprises of the following elements: (Can be varied to suit) Lunch is 12.30hrs to 13.30hrs and will be served appropriately.

1). Welcome and familiarisation briefing. 09.00hrs

2). Equipment selection and participant evaluations.

3). Group allocation and specific chosen activity preferences.

4). Introduction to the chosen activity equipment, history limitations, specification, safety brief, participant input, pre-dive briefing.

5). Preparation of equipment for the associated diving activity, student participation and involvement during the dive schedule, recording dive times and durations.

6). Post dive briefing, participant input and observations. Sign & Stamp logbooks. 17.00hrs.

Both diving activities i.e. Standard Hard Hat and Decompression Chamber include a comprehensive and thorough introduction and safety briefing prior to use.


This course has been conducted for a considerable number of years and is very popular. We are pleased to announce that we are still holding this very low price of £65 per person for yet another year, in this way it encourages Clubs and dive schools to have repeat visits with us which are particularly valuable for new divers coming into the sport. “Where else can you find a brilliant diving day out – totally indoors for £65”? What makes this event even more amazing is that the course fee includes a 2 course hot lunch.


The College has its own themed Bar facility with that Nautical flavour called “Jack Tars). This is the ideal cosy place to have a well-earned break at lunch-time around a real open log fire.
A Hot Drinks machine is also available for dispensing Soup, Coffee, and Tea for your convenience.
We also have available a range of great promotional products which are a brilliant souvenir or memento of your day will us. All products are top quality and are at a greatly discounted cost,
Fleece Jackets – £20   Polo Shirts £15, both fully embroidered and are very attractive sizes S. M. L. XL, XXL. Heavy, Quality key rings of miniature Hard Hat etc, etc. £5


We have alternative helmets to try for those candidates who have perhaps had previously tried the Siebe Gorman equipment on another previous visit, or if the thought of a more modern helmet is more appealing. There have also been occasions where this equipment has not been practical so an alternative can be offered, for sizing difficulties for example. We, therefore, recommend that ALL participants bring their own personal diving suit along so in such an event there will not be a disappointment. In addition, a woolly- Bear and change of clothing and socks are recommended in the unlikely event of suit leakage, gloves are also a good idea.

N.B. Siebe Gorman Helmet needs a specific style and type of suit, which is supplied by the College
All other types of Helmet can be used with a conventional diving suit.


We would like to thank you for browsing this information and look forward to hearing from you soon. Courses are booked up well in advance and we, therefore, recommend that early booking will avoid disappointment.

If there are any elements in the above information which is not totally clear to you, or if you would like to ask any additional questions please feel free to contact us on:-

Tel. 01904 744424 Fax. 01904 744724.
Email ops@cdms-diving .co.uk

We look forward to you contacting us soon 
Trish (DTC Course Co-ordinator)